The Nordfjord area
– glacier, fjord and ocean in two hours!

From Juv you may enjoy world-ranking destinations: one hour by car to the Briksdalsbreen” (Briksdal Glacier), two hours to the Geiranger Fjord or three hours to Vestkapp (Cape West of Norway).

Beautiful fjord villages

The villages Tistam and Utvik are beautiful destinations by the fjords. They offer small shops and cosy buildings (2-6km). You may walk here, or go cycling using a non-busy country road. 

The Utvik mountain offers fine hiking-terrain both summer and winter.

Juv takkar Ordførar i fagre Stryn kommune Nils Petter Støyva,
for lov til å bruke det flotte haustbildet han har teke frå Nordsida
over fjorden mot Utvik!

Reisemål i verdsklasse

The Nordfjord has several municipal centres, each one with its own characteristics. At Sandane you may visit the Nordfjord National Heritage Museum, at Stryn a first-class tourist destination with swarming night-life, restaurants and pubs. Nordfjordeid has a distinctive shopping street with nice, wooden houses, and Måløy is the fishing village.  In Geitholmen in Bremanger the people of Vikane keep the old tradition in coastfishing.

Nordfjord Panorama

You may also experience exciting, Norwegian village culture if you go by car or boat to the other side of the fjord, exploring the “cultural course” at Ulvdal. Also see Nordsida.


The Gloppen Adventure emphasizes on offers regarding nature and outdoor life, e.g. fresh water fishing. Many links show your possibilities for many different activities.


Her kan du besøke Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalparksenter, smake tradisjonsbakst på Matstova, køyre den gamle Strynefjellsvegen og gå til fots på nydeleg sti til fjellgarden Segestad.

Geiranger - wild and beautiful








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