Dear guest!

   Welcome to Gamlestova
   at Juv

   Juv in the "heart" of

   Juv with view of the
   the fjord

   Juv by the river and

   Juv with silence and calm.

   Gamlestova is "roots"

   Gamlestova is light

   Gamlestova is love

   Gamlestova is peace.

   We hope you will feel
   well here!

   Greetings from



From Gamlestova you may enjoy an extraordinary beautiful panoramic view over the scenery that reflects in the water of the Nordfjord.


The perfect place to relax and recover your strengths for a demanding workday.

Here you may experience the sensation of "slow time" - the total peace and quiet.

If you wish, you may take trips to world-ranking destinations like Vestkapp - the point farthest west in the country, the world famous Geiranger fjord, the stunning Briksdalsbreen (glacier) with conveyance and glacier hiking. You may also take the Panoramavegen (The Panorama Road) at Ulvdal at the other side of the fjord. In addition, there is the Jostedal Glacier National Park Centre, Stryn Summer-skiing Centre, the beautiful Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, the Glacier Centre in Fjærland and the Jugend-style area in Ålesund

Juv is a very old farm, and people have lived here since 1200 AD.  On clear summer days, the sun rises in east at 5 PM and sets in the west at 10 PM.

Sun, rain, the relaxing sound of the flowing river, fresh and cold water from the river Juvselva, the bird season and seasons with their respective qualities - everything will fascinate you. 

Gamlestova (The Old Living Room) is an old, Norwegian wooden building with a large kitchen and an airy living room. Open fireplace and furniture from the peasant romanticism period creates an unforgettable atmosphere during your holiday. 

The kitchen is large, and equipped with modern facilities like stove, fridge and freezer, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and vacuum cleaner.

The pleasant living room is fitted with a TV with DVD-player and a radio.

From the beautiful four-poster bed you can look at the starry sky through the dormer window, and you may enjoy a spectacular 180-degree view through the four large windows in the living room.

The Kovelemmen is a small but cosy sleeping accommodation area with three beds. Here nostalgic traces after the original unpainted lumber walls can be seen.

Shower and bathroom is located in the hall in the main floor. 

Garden furniture and a barbecue at your disposal.

The blossom in May against the blue fjord and white snow on the mountain peaks is an attractive experience. Enjoy the lovely summer nights in June and July, fruit and berries from August, the beautiful autumn colour and hunting in the fall.

Fishing and boat-trips on the fjord - encircled by waterfalls and the sparkling green nature that you only can find in West-Norway is highly recommendable. But don’t miss Juvstøylen, which is 450 metres above sea level. Here you may have such a spectacular view that it can make you dizzy. Go hiking from farm to farm and light a fire in the fireplace in the cookhouse at Gamlestova at Juv. Read more about this under the menu point Activities.

By the fjord, there is a small boat with an 4 HP outboard engine, which is available for rent.


Washing machine (located in the basement of the main house) and bedclothesbedclothes may be rented.

It may be agreed that the cottage is cleaned after your stay.  

The farm road leading up to the yard is steep, but you may park your car right outside the house - or at the main road which is 100m away, if you wish.

Also see notes about the farm house "Stabburet" (The Storehouse) in the meny to the left.

This house is also rented out through the company DanCenter
(nr. 18683).