Go fishing or enjoy a boat trip on the fjord on your own

Go hiking in the mountain - visit Juvstøylen

Reach the highest point

Walk among "trolls"

Take a break by the Lavvu at Juvsjølet

Taste icecold wather from "oppkoma"

Have a refreshing swim in the lake/fjord/ocean

Go cycling by an old bicycle to Tistam or Utvik

Picking berries and mushrooms in the forest

Join hunting

Learn about culture and history

Social meeting at the fireplace in Eldhuset

Taste local food

Drink fresh wather from the river

"White swans" of the fjord

Unexpected moments

Feel peace and only listen to the silence










* Soria Moria

* Eastern 2005 - 2006 - 2008

 * Christmas

 * Midsummer 2006 - 2007

* Treasures 2008